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Life Update (Long Overdue!)

Hi pals, Yes, I’ve been relatively inactive on social media practically since the beginning of this year. Sorry. Here’s why… January – Back in the studio for a MAJOR project that is still in the works. Long distance recording sessions for Touring Song. February – Release of Touring Song. Got recruited for the Swiss AirContinue reading “Life Update (Long Overdue!)”


Jarod Clemons (New Jersey), Taylor James Davis (Indiana), Bobby Mahoney (New Jersey), Evan Rotella (Canada) and Jake Thistle (New Jersey) have teamed up with Swiss singer-songwriter Marcos Cabanas, for the release of a new digital single titled Touring Song.  To be released on February 11th 2022, the track is an ode to those musicians who miss lifeContinue reading “NEW SINGLE OUT FEB. 11th !”

A Week Ago Today… #SVZ

I had the privilege of meeting, witnessing a front row talk, and receiving a signed copy of his autobiography – the Rock & Roll Consigliere, Stevie Van Zandt! Also had the pleasure of gifting him a CD of mine, to which he responded,“Congratulations! Never stop making music no matter the struggle.” – words that IContinue reading “A Week Ago Today… #SVZ”


For those of you who missed my performance for Charliefest 2021, you’re able to catch it again here on the Facebook stream! Thanks so much for everyone who showed up to watch, donate for Charlie, and wish my old man a happy birthday! Means a lot! -MC WATCH THE LIVESTREAM HERE


After over one entire year of production, Marcos Cabanas’ new acoustic record, From The Town of Lincoln, Nebraska, is available everywhere now! A folk album fueled by the experiences of America’s working class, the six-track album is Cabanas’ third studio record. The release is accompanied by the official music video of the album’s best-selling single, 53Continue reading “MARCOS CABANAS’ NEW RECORD, OUT TODAY!”


On November 5th, Marcos Cabanas announced the release of his upcoming third album, expected for December 4th. Titled From The Town of Lincoln, Nebraska, it includes five recently-written Cabanas songs, as well as a cover written by Taylor Swift. This song also features a co-lead with American singer-songwriter Jake Thistle. A folk album fueled byContinue reading “NEW ALBUM OUT DEC. 4th !”

Cabanas Pays Tribute to Springsteen w/ the Release of a New Single

(LISTEN + DOWNLOAD BELOW) Sept. 23rd 2020. Today marks Springsteen’s 71st birthday. And in a year filled with nothing but crap, I’d thought I’d add my small grain of happiness by recording and releasing this. A Tribute to My Hero is a song which I wrote exactly one year ago, for the occasion of Springsteen’sContinue reading “Cabanas Pays Tribute to Springsteen w/ the Release of a New Single”

Shooting the ’53 Cocaine Hill Drive’ Music Video

In his ‘adoptive hometown’ of Islantilla (Huelva, Spain), Marcos Cabanas has been busy this past week filming what will soon be the promotional video of his upcoming album, and music video of his second-latest single, 53 Cocaine Hill Drive. Collaborating with his longtime friend, José Sanchez, and his film studios, JSB Films, both Cabanas andContinue reading “Shooting the ’53 Cocaine Hill Drive’ Music Video”

Cabanas to feature on Taylor Davis’ “Local Sounds”

This coming Friday, Marcos Cabanas’ 53 Cocaine Hill Drive will be featured in a collection of songs released by Miami-based artist Taylor Davis. The collection, Local Sounds, is a project hosted and produced by singer-songwriter Taylor Davis, as a three-part series (vol. I, vol. II, and vol. III) that highlights underground music from Davis’ friendsContinue reading “Cabanas to feature on Taylor Davis’ “Local Sounds””

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