A modern rock “symphony” inspired by the storytelling artists of the 70s, Priest From Terre Haute is a small gem telling the story of Chrissie and the experiences lived between the ruralities of Indiana all the way to Greenwich Village in New York City.

Layered between guitars, drums, a string quartet, and Hammond organs, the song stands at just under 12 minutes, where the listener is submerged within the struggles of Chrissie’s poverty & hardship, while reminiscing hope for a better future.

Priest From Terre Haute was first played live in February 2023 to a small audience in Asbury Park (New Jersey), where Cabanas was praised for the song’s storytelling combined with a fascinating chord progression. The single has already garnered critical attention from the Transparent Clinch Gallery, acclaimed radio & RCA/Ariola record executives, and 13x Grammy-nominated / 4x Grammy-winning artist Lyle Lovett.

Priest From Terre Haute is so well done. I wish you the best of luck with it! Your writing, your production, your sound are all stellar. I’m excited for you!