Life Update (Long Overdue!)

Hi pals, Yes, I’ve been relatively inactive on social media practically since the beginning of this year. Sorry. Here’s why… January – Back in the studio for a MAJOR project that is still in the works. Long distance recording sessions for Touring Song. February – Release of Touring Song. Got recruited for the Swiss AirContinue reading “Life Update (Long Overdue!)”


Jarod Clemons (New Jersey), Taylor James Davis (Indiana), Bobby Mahoney (New Jersey), Evan Rotella (Canada) and Jake Thistle (New Jersey) have teamed up with Swiss singer-songwriter Marcos Cabanas, for the release of a new digital single titled Touring Song.  To be released on February 11th 2022, the track is an ode to those musicians who miss lifeContinue reading “NEW SINGLE OUT FEB. 11th !”

A Week Ago Today… #SVZ

I had the privilege of meeting, witnessing a front row talk, and receiving a signed copy of his autobiography – the Rock & Roll Consigliere, Stevie Van Zandt! Also had the pleasure of gifting him a CD of mine, to which he responded,“Congratulations! Never stop making music no matter the struggle.” – words that IContinue reading “A Week Ago Today… #SVZ”


Today I turn 21 (woop woop)!! And to celebrate, I wanted to talk to y’all about something really cool… For the past months I’ve been on a creative wave like never before, and so I’ve started recording some acoustic demos to lay down some ground for a potential fourth album…!! Of course, I didn’t wantContinue reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! HERE’S A SURPRISE…”

WHEN I GO TO HEAVEN: A Tribute To John Prine

JOIN ME + FRIENDS ON APRIL 7TH AT 8PM EST (2AM IN EUROPE) TO CELEBRATE THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF JOHN PRINE ONE THE ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF HIS PASSING (LINK HERE) I remember finding out about John being hospitalized of Covid in late March 2020. The world was slowly coming to a halt – citiesContinue reading “WHEN I GO TO HEAVEN: A Tribute To John Prine”


First livestream in two months!March 20th @ 5:15pm (CET) // 11:15am (EST) Hello friends! Hope you’re all doing amazing and keeping safe! I haven’t been able to play live since…pfff since August! Ahhh! And while that sucks, I try to make up for it every once in a while with some livestreams. A couple ofContinue reading “CHARLIEFEST + EMILIO’S BDAY BASH !”