First Official Show in the US!

Sunday Feb. 5th, I had the immense privilege of playing my first (official) show in the US. I had played in the US in the past (2012 @ George Mason University, 2013 @ Eastman School of Music), but these were with wind bands & orchestras where I added my small grain of salt playing the alto saxophone – so it doesn’t really count!

I was joined by my two pals and INCREDIBLY talented musicians – Bobby Mahoney and Jake Thistle – to play a songwriter-circle-style show at Danny Clinch’s Transparent Gallery in Asbury Park, New Jersey. A dream come true for me: my greatest musical heroes hail from Asbury Park, and playing at such a prestigious place surrounded by so many familiar (and not so familiar) faces filled me with joy.

I am so grateful for this opportunity, and want to express my profound thanks to Jake & Bobby for joining me, as well as Zack & Tina for organizing the show.

Check out a pro-shot video of the performance, the full performance livestream, and some pictures down below!

All $1200 made from the show were donated to Mike Campbell (from Tom Petty & The Hearbreakers)’s Tazzy Fund (thanks Mike for the Facebook shoutout!).

1. Moth To The Flame (Bobby Mahoney)
2. Cigarettes & Coffee (Marcos Cabanas)
3. Ghosted Road (Jake Thistle)
4. Lay It On Me (Bobby Mahoney)
5. Ocean Kinda Gal (Marcos Cabanas)
6. Half Beats Nothing (Jake Thistle)
7. Guilden Street (Bobby Mahoney)
8. Priest From Terre Haute (Marcos Cabanas)
9. Keepin’ It Alive (Jake Thistle)
10. Mutineer – Warren Zevon cover (Bobby Mahoney)
11. Sunday Night – dedicated to Luis Puchol & Liv Vricella (Marcos Cabanas)
12. Dogs On The Run – Tom Petty cover (Jake Thistle)

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