Life Update (Long Overdue!)

Hi pals,

Yes, I’ve been relatively inactive on social media practically since the beginning of this year. Sorry. Here’s why…

January – Back in the studio for a MAJOR project that is still in the works. Long distance recording sessions for Touring Song.

February – Release of Touring Song. Got recruited for the Swiss Air Force.

March – Demo recordings at home. More logistical stuff for the major project. Studying at college.

April – Yet again back in the studio for the major project. Moving around often between The Netherlands and Switzerland.

May – Had some shows planned. They were unexpectedly canceled. I was pissed. Turned 22.

June – College exams. Took a short trip to Sweden with my girlfriend. Caught Covid.

July – Back in Switzerland, became a recruit for the Swiss Air Force, stationed at Payerne Airbase.

August – More Air Force training. Became an Aircraft Rescue Operator. Cool stuff.

September – More Air Force, temporarily served in Wangen An Der Aare.

October – More Air Force training.

November – More Air Force, temporarily served in Meiringen. When that was done, moved back to The Netherlands to start my college thesis. Got my driver’s license!

So to summarize, it’s been a crazy busy year. BUT. I have some news which I’ll bring forward more over the next couple of weeks. Little tip-off tho: We’re starting 2023 with a really neat show in Switzerland with the full band! In February will be heading to the US, and we’re organizing something cool over there too! As for the major project, I won’t talk about that until it’s 100% ready to go…but expect some cool stuff.

Here are a couple of pics. I’ll keep y’all updated for the rest!


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