On November 5th, Marcos Cabanas announced the release of his upcoming third album, expected for December 4th. Titled From The Town of Lincoln, Nebraska, it includes five recently-written Cabanas songs, as well as a cover written by Taylor Swift. This song also features a co-lead with American singer-songwriter Jake Thistle.

A folk album fueled by the experiences of America’s working class, the six-track album is Cabanas’ third studio record. The release is accompanied by the official music video of the album’s best-selling single, 53 Cocaine Hill Drive.

“This album is my attempt at conveying social stigmas that unfortunately still live amongst us today. I’ve tried to place a little bit of everyone on the record, so that each and every listener will, in one way or another, be able to see himself reflected in the music. It is my personal collection of songs about love, death, and self-reflection.”

Marcos cabanas

Recorded through one single stereo microphone and a 10-year old travel laptop, the ‘lo-fi’ environment channels through the songs’ roots, giving off a hauntingly personal touch.

From The Town of Lincoln, Nebraska:

  1. From The Town of Lincoln, Nebraska (M. Cabanas)
  2. A Letter to a Young, Lost Love (M. Cabanas)
  3. 53 Cocaine Hill Drive (M. Cabanas)
  4. Wet Sunshine (M. Cabanas)
  5. The Last Great American Dynasty [feat. Jake Thistle] (T. A. Swift)
  6. Ida’s Song [Bonus Track] (M. Cabanas)

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