Shooting the ’53 Cocaine Hill Drive’ Music Video

In his ‘adoptive hometown’ of Islantilla (Huelva, Spain), Marcos Cabanas has been busy this past week filming what will soon be the promotional video of his upcoming album, and music video of his second-latest single, 53 Cocaine Hill Drive.

Collaborating with his longtime friend, José Sanchez, and his film studios, JSB Films, both Cabanas and Sanchez are aiming to invoke the lonesome, sombre tone of the song, through portrayals of a failed American dream, in a desert-like landscape.

Production started earlier this week, and filming is expected to be concluded in the next couple days. The video can be expected later in the year, to coincide with the release of the upcoming album, From the Town of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Learn more about JSB Films:

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